Singapore Ballroom Dance Festival 2020: Online Edition

Item name: Growth


As we grow, layers of shield and armour start to build around our pure and untainted self. The worldly pressures force us to stay competent, hungry to begin over the fight. But oftentimes we forget how it was like to feel completely blissful, enlightened and liberated. How will the struggle between our inner demons and angels turn out to be?


Choreography & Director: Jasyn Gan


Dancers: Cliffton Tay, Yoong Jun Ming, Teo Ting Wei, Griselda Chiang, Gregory Chiang, Shervon Lim, Chan Siew Huang, Jasyn Gan


Lighting, Videographer & Editor: Richard Prayoga


Music: Conmigo (Acoustic Version) - Nico Rengifo, Bacilon - Lu-Ni, Don Bacilon, Tequila - El Neon, New Ways - El Neon