Singapore Ballroom Dance Festival 2021: Digital Film

Item Name: Rekindlement

As we grow, the fire that was once burning in us starts to flicker with greater responsibilities placed onto our shoulders. We start to lose sight of what’s important in life as we become stuck in the rat race. Will we ever manage to find the light again?

Choreographed and Directed by: Jasyn Gan

- Teens/Adults: Jasyn Gan, Germaine Gan, Venus Weng, Cassandra Ong, Lena Bao, Chen Xiangyun, Chen Meiling
- Kids: Sun Yiyi, Sun Yixin, Jessica Lai, Lucinda Choo, Keelia Lim, Megan Tan, Isabella Chen

- You Set My World on Fire (K-Pop Version) by Adelyn Paik
- Me Llamo by Heyson

Film maker: Tommy Safari

Singapore Ballroom Dance Festival 2021: Digital Production

Item name: Is loss a catalyst?

Just as there are constant ups and downs in life, there are ebbs and flows in all forms of relationships. But when things start to hit rock bottom, what will be the catalyst that initiates an impact great enough to cause monumental change?

Choreographed  by: Jasyn Gan

Dancers: Germaine Gan, Gregory Chiang, Griselda Chiang, Jasyn Gan, Joy Chin, Shaun Seah, Shervon Lim, Yoong Jun Ming


- Bad to Me by The Elloquent Jims

- Barbarians by Dream Cave

- Beacon of Hope by nothanks